Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

holy cheese, blow it out your mule!

don't ask.

family weekend, and my parents and katie are visiting. katie is still as dumb and obnoxious as ever. but we brought the mannequin up and reassembled her. of course, they stripped her before bringing her, so all she's wearing right now is a black bra. well, i can change that. i'll give her some fun underwear and dress her up! she can even wear my panda porn star ears if she wants! she needs a wig. we left the clown wig at home. i should get her a hedwig wig... THAT would rock!

walmart run tomorrow! i need ramen noodles and gatorade and sculpture thingies and STUFF! i also need to deposit my check. we may go out for breakfast (provided i wake up at a decent hour).

let's do the time warp again...

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