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We've been getting piles of snow, which makes driving at night interesting. Last night I returned to the apartment in the wee hours, knowing I'd probably have to go back to campus and get Nick at some point, since it was freezing and slippery out, and he was probably intoxicated. I put on my warm PJ pants and had the PS2 halfway turned on when Rose called and asked if I wanted to go to Perkins.


If you're in Meadville, you know what the snow situation is like. We went anyway, and Nick was so out of it he could barely read the menu. Luckily my old housemate Katie was our waitress.

Did you know bad grammar can impair your sex life?

Also, here's another something. I won't disable comments though.

List ten things you want to say to people but know you never will.
- Don't say who they are.
- Disable comments.
- Never discuss it again.

1. I wish you were my big brother. You just emanate awesomeness, and I never get tired of being around you. I don't get to see you nearly enough any more, and it's like there's a big chunk missing from my life that's kind of floating off elsewhere yet still connected by a yo-yo string. I miss you!

2. Stop whining every time we talk that you don't have a boyfriend (or girlfriend, FWB, etc.) and that you keep randomly fooling around with losers while intoxicated. Your life seems to get crappier every time I talk to you, and I wonder if you're always going to be like this. Lighten up. Go back to school. Forget about a significant other, you don't need one. Learn to love yourself.

3. Once upon a time, you said I was too passive. Well look at yourself now. You're so much more passive than I ever was, and I don't know why you put up with all this shit. You deserve so much better than this. It's time to quit apologizing. You're not guilty. Stand up for yourself and don't let her walk all over you. You seem miserable these days, but you brought it on yourself. It's time to move on. Stop worrying so much about other people and start taking care of yourself. I wish you could be happy again.

4. While we're on the don't-let-people-walk-all-over-you subject, you, my dear, are TOO nice. You're one of the nicest people I ever met, and I absolutely adore you. But you try to please others too much and don't pay attention to what you want and end up in unpleasant situations. You're sweet, but you can learn to say no.

5. Why the hell are you getting married? You've only known each other for a little over a year! You're both so young, it's too early for something like this. Get to know each other more before making a huge step like this.

6. You have quite a bit of potential, and you're going to keep getting awesomer as you grow older. Don't get down on yourself because other people aren't as impressed as you'd like. You have a lot of time to improve, and you're wonderful as it is. I wish we could see each other more than once a year.

7. If you're going to talk to me, at least have something interesting or worthwhile to say. And don't say 50 things a minute with random questions in between. Pace yourself. It's annoying.

8. I had no idea you were such a slut. I really respected you until I found out about all your cheating and sleeping around. I still respect you for who you are, but you were a bad girlfriend. Shame on you. You just don't do that to someone who loved you and would never do that to you.

9. Um... you're really walking on thin ice, buddy. You'd better shape up or you'll just be sad and alone. Start hanging out with your friends again, or make some new ones.

10. I wish you were my mom. Not that there's anything wrong with the mom I have, but you're just so much fun.

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