Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

Today Nick's mom came up to see him, and we were both in our pajamas and completely unprepared since he never checks his messages or picks up his phone. She even called my family a few days ago asking for my number since she couldn't get in touch with him and was worried. So of course I was going around the apartment, picking stuff up half the time she was there, hoping she wasn't too horrified by the dirty dishes or plastic bags floating down the hallway. At least she made him a car appointment (which I'd been unsuccessfully bugging him to do for two weeks) and got him to take care of other things he'd been neglecting. *sigh*

I got new snow boots today, since the lining in my old ones decided to go haywire and torture my Achilles tendons. The new ones were $13, and they're soft and fluffy on the inside and kind of look like they'd be good for bouncing around the moon. But the best part? They light up when I walk. Sexy.

I plan on going back to Murrysville sometime tomorrow, probably once it threatens to get dark. I'll figure out how long I'm staying later... I'll probably be there on and off over the next few weeks, depending on if there's anything interesting going on in either town or if I need to get things done somewhere. So fear not, my Murrysville friends, we shall hang out and go sledding and go to Chuck E Cheese provided we're all over 18 since they're bitches about that and sit around playing video games and other fun things.

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