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I returned to Murrysville yesterday, and after a nice leisurely dinner... the power went out. And then the security alarm started beeping constantly and wouldn't shut up even when I punched in all of the security codes. When my dad got home, he finally ripped the boxes out of the wall and unplugged them so they'd shut up. The power finally came back on 4 hours later, but by then I was lying in bed, for lack of anything better to do in the dark. Apparently there was a fire in Export that managed to knock out power to our neighborhood and probably a chunk of the town.

Today I hung out with Megan, Sarah, and Atilla. Since we're all mature adults, we went to Chuck E Cheese. Afterwards we went to Houlihans, and while the food was good, they kept screwing the orders up. The mall is crazy and makes me feel wobbly.

Going skiing tomorrow!

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