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Nothing like being in a house full of animals again. 3 cats, a bird, and my two rat-puppies. Not to mention the fishies outside in the pond, but they're hiding for the winter. I went skiing a few days ago with Sarah and Atilla. I forgot how terribly out of shape I am, not to mention being a wuss who likes to go slowly on the bunny slope.

This year, my dad decided to get us things he thinks we need. So my sister got a pile of books, and I got a pile of tolerable yet too small clothing (I don't know why people assume I wear small clothing just because I'm short, since I'm quite girthful). I just looked at Katie's stash and said, "wanna trade?" Oh well. I didn't get the same book for the third year in a row. He tried, and at least I got some ponies and books and my annual jigsaw puzzle (3000 pieces this time - huzzah!). People never listen when you tell them NOT to buy you clothes. Except socks and things, they're fine. But really, just because I don't wear a variety of clothes doesn't mean I don't have a variety. I've told my parents this several times, and they keep buying me stuff that ends up sitting in my closet and only getting worn every other month or so... unless they get something I end up wearing every other day and then get after me to stop wearing it so much.

So anyway, here I am being an ungrateful brat, though I'd like to stress that I did say "thank you" several times and helped with dinner. On to something else.

Alternate uses for furry scarves. I don't wear scarves. Ever. Can't stand anything touching my neck. Not to mention that furry clothing is too girly for me and furry yarn is best used for making toys or at least animal costumes (in my opinion). But this year and last year, two different aunts lovingly knit me two very similar scarves using black fur and another multicolored funky-textured eyelash yarn. Being a hardcore knitter, I know what goes into projects and it breaks my heart that I'm not wearing something someone made just for me. So I'm brainstorming alternate ideas for nice-looking scarves. Here are some:
- mini curtains (hey, the two I have almost match)
- add some googly eyes and it's a funky pet snake (this was my neighbor's idea)
- an oversized bow
- an eccentric turban
- cat toy
- belt
- if you get a whole bunch, sew them together for an eclectic afghan
- lifesaving device (if no rope is available)

Any other suggestions?

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