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Perhaps I shouldn't have bought the big variety pack of Mike's when I was out grocery shopping with my sister (they opened up a new beer distributor next to the Murrysville Giant Eagle). She's been begging me for some, even just a sip. I said she could have only a wee sip if I was going to have one, and I don't plan on having one any time soon. I just bought the case to have on hand, and the price was several dollars cheaper than what I'd seen in Meadville. But I did give in to her begging me to make corn chowder again, and it was delicious. Although it was kind of annoying when she poked at the green onions and parsley and asked, "Why'd you put the green stuff in?" For flavor, dummy.

I wonder what I'll be doing for New Year's. I suppose I should call some friends and see what they're up to. If nothing else, I can go next door and watch my neighbors get amusingly drunk.

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