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Hey, I'm not dead! Woohoo! So, in the past few weeks I: <run-on> drove to Hoboken to see Rose, went to New York City which wasn't as wobbly-inducing as I thought it would be, took pictures of very non-touristy things (they'll be up eventually... and by eventually I mean "check back in about 3 years"), went to a drag queen karaoke bar, simultaneously made friends with and got insulted by a drag queen (outfit-wise, as I was wearing a silly gnome hat), spent a whopping $4.50 (plus tip) on a very filling dim sum meal (I love Chinatown), visited 2 different yarn stores, went to the MIT mystery hunt, went to the same bar/restaurant in Harvard Square twice (first with Rose, while trying to find a New Englandy pub, and then a few days later when my uncle said "Hey, I know this great place we could go get a drink that I used to go to all the time but haven't been to in over 20 years..."), also had Indian food twice in one week (a good week indeed), saw Brokeback Mountain (awesome yet sad), hung out with Clarke and Cathie (my mom's brother and his wife, but a different brother than some of you met), saw the most boring movie I've seen in years (The Passenger, which is apparently supposed to be a 1975 classic but is horrendously slow, lifeless, and dull, even though the actual cinematics are beautiful and there was a decent idea behind it), hung out with Xavid and Patty (who is awesome), visited with Pop Pop before driving allllllllll the way back to Meadville, ate in a sketchy-looking little diner in Schenectady (such a fun word) that was actually pretty good, politely negotiated with a cop and avoided getting my first speeding ticket, and finally fell happily into my own bed feeling satisfied that I wouldn't have to sleep with Rose any more. </run-on>

Now that I'm back, I've been knitting up a storm (and some things to keep me warm in said storm), watching Full House on DVD every night, and cleaning stuff. Yes, you read the last part right. I did like 4 loads of dishes yesterday and have been sorting stuff in my room. I'm glad my friends are back now, and Thom is here again! *prances*

I'm skimming over certain friends' entries, so don't be surprised if you get any comments from something you posted weeks ago. Also, I just saw that little entry I posted in Rose's journal (I'm sure you can figure out which entry it is), and it's so stupid it's amusing.

Cheerio. Back to being unproductive until Tuesday group.


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