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I guess the foot of snow today means "false spring" is over for good. Back to the regularly-scheduled sliding-over-barely-shoveled-if-at-all sidewalks.

I just learned yesterday, thanks to Rose, that there's a no-credit class for learning Maya, a computer 3D animation-type program. So methinks I have something else to add to my schedule. I'm going to resume working with Francesca in February, which makes me happy.

Chimichangas for dinner if Nick puts the burners back on the stove (we agreed that I'd do all the dishes if he took care of the stove, which was kind of a nightmare's little brother, a bad dream about food burned onto metal). And I need to stop procrastinating and fix my computer and hope that upgrading to Windows XP will fix most if not all of my computer problems since I must be retarded for still using Windows 98.

Derek, what happened to your journal? Did it curl up and die? I know you're still alive, or at least you were last night. But does your journal need a funeral, or will it rise from the dead and take over the world again?

Reading my friends page is just about as bipolar as it gets. Sheesh. It always puts me in a weird, unspecific mood.

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