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I don't think anybody tagged me (I've been skimming quite a bit recently), but here are 5 of my guilty pleasures.

1. Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Hanson, and some other music most of my friends point and laugh at. I'm a little closet whore.

2. Yarn stores. The only "guilty" part about it is that I KNOW I have several baskets of yarn at home and SHOULD be using them, but I can't resist. It's like heroin.

3. Porn. I don't find it stimulating, just hilarious. Especially badly-dubbed hentai.

4. Teen girl magazines. I find them shallow and stupid, but for some reason I read them anyway. Maybe they make me feel intelligent and cultured or something. I'll swipe my sister's when I'm home and then quickly stash them away when I hear anybody coming close. It's kind of sad.

5. Shrimp. As a vegetarian, I don't eat them, but every now and then I'll cheat (but only if I'd get depressed if I passed up the opportunity). If I was eating free-range chicken or something it wouldn't matter that much, but shrimp-fishing has dreadful effects on the environment.

It's kind of weird how most of my guilty pleasures are things normal people openly admit to liking. I guess every normal person has an eccentric side and every eccentric person has a normal side.

Name 8 Friends

[PERSON ONE] : Megan
a. your relationship?: we've been pals for about 9 years.
b. Do you go to the same school as him/her?: we went to high school together
c. Where does this person live?: Murrysville
d. What are their initials?: MCA
e. Is this person your best friend?: one of them (I have around half a dozen best friends)

a. Is this person older than 15?: yeah, he's 22 (older than me by 6 days)
b. Have you done anything illegal with this person?: we both had some of Rose's Jamaican rum that's illegal in this country
c. Where did you meet this person?: my first Tuesday group, second semester of my first year at Allegheny
d. When was the last time you talked to this person on the phone?: probably a couple days ago, I bet he was wondering where I was

a. Why is this person your friend?: I don't know. He sort of incorporated himself into our little group a few years ago. He's fun though, and a nice, sweet guy once you get past the outer douche.
b. Who is this person's best friend?: Willie
c. What do you want to know about this person?: what compels him to drink so much

a. What is this person's favorite food?: samosas
b. Do you talk to this person on the phone?: occasionally, but we usually see each other at least once or twice a week anyway
c. What has this person taught you?: even the awesomest people in the world screw up, and I'm not the only 22-year-old with a massive toy collection
d. What school does this person go to?: Allegheny College
e. Does this person trust you?: I hope so (I know he does)

[PERSON FIVE]: Evil Thom
a. What is your favorite thing about this person?: there's never a dull moment when he's around
b. What is this person's hobbies?: writing, listening to music, video games, RPGs, laughing maniacally, eating babies, and making fun of people
c. Does this person have a 4.0 GPA?: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAno.
d. Do u want to stay in touch with this person?: a part of me would die a miserable death if I didn't

a. Have you seen this person's baby pictures?: yes... heeeee
b. What is one thing this person has taught you?: it's illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey, and you're not supposed to tip the attendants
c. Whens the last time u saw this person?: last night at the coffeehouse

a. If you could change one thing about him/her?: he'd be allowed to be happy
b. Does this person trust you?: to some extent
c. How old was this person when you first met?: 18
d. Is this person a friend?: yup

a. Do you know this person's parents?: I've never met his biological parents, since he was a shelter kitty, but I'm one of his adopted parents
b. What is this person's favorite color?: I don't know, I think he's colorblind
c. What type of clothes does this person wear?: he's a nudist
d. Where does this person shop?: around the back hillside, and he likes to bring home his "purchases" and freak out my mom


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