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once again i'm procrastinating. on friday i have 3 essays due for brit. lit. and i haven't started them yet. of course, today was really busy, since tuesdays are always busy. at least i did my laundry. there's nothing like clean underwear. for some reason in fencing i felt really sleepy, so i got really lazy and kept yawning. and when i get really lazy, i die more often. i suck at fencing, but i love it. tuesday group was a blast, as usual. pink styrofoam ferns, men in cheese suits, padded walls... yep, random silliness is always interesting. i wrote a really cheesy erotic story about a guy in a cheese suit living in a padded cell and his wife who wanted to get him out of there. of course, what really got people laughing was when i read:
(LaWanda) "Come with me now!"
(Vladimir) "I just did... several times."

bad sexual references are fun! ooh, and i DID wear my panda ears ( since geocities is anal about images) today, and i got a lot of compliments. of course, evil thom pointed and laughed and emphasized the pointing and laughing (and skipping), but that's evil thom for ya. the ears made me happy. i also got a lot accomplished on my sculpture, though i only worked on it for about an hour since we had to watch them do a bronze casting.

eh. distractions. bye.

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