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Yet another reason why Argo is so incestuous.

Also, Katie had some new funny stories to share.
1. My family had people over for the super bowl, including Jake (my sister's loooooove interest) and another family. At one point, Mr. D thought Katie was one of his daughters and said something like "out of the way!" and playfully smacked her on the bum. Jake looked stunned beyond belief, my sister freaked out, Mr. D started apologizing profusely, and my dad said "That's my daughter!" Wow.
2. Madame Schneider is this cute, sweet little French teacher at the high school. I never took French, but I loved her, and she was always so nice to me. She recently busted my sister for wearing a skanky little short skirt. Katie thought that was unfair since other girls were wearing skirts like it, and now she's going out of her way to avoid Madame. And from the way Katie told the story, it wasn't like Madame was even being mean about it, just politely assertive. I probably would have busted Katie too, if I was a teacher. My dad always nags her about her wardrobe, but she always changes into something questionable whenever he leaves.

Dinner table discussion included which bra Katie should wear to the formal dance this weekend and the story about how my neighbor's magazine cleared the pool area (my Swedish neighbor was at the pool reading a Swedish magazine and happened to get up and leave it open to a page about different styles of pubic hair. A more conservative neighbor saw it, panicked and grabbed her kids, then bolted.). Embarrassing teenagers is so much fun. I wish Katie would stay a teenager forever so I could continue with my diabolical schemes.

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