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First of all, Alphans rock the world. Thanks, guys. And no worries, all is well and probably will be for a while.

Today my sister called me, laughing, to tell me there had been a death in the family. From her tone when she said she had sad news, I thought it was going to be like that time when she called to tell me she had left my bike out and it had been stolen, a year after it happened. Anyway, my Nana's cousin Whit died, and Katie wanted to be the one to tell me. My mom asked if I wanted to go to the funeral in DC on Friday, but I'm working then and don't really care for funerals anyway. Now why would my sister laugh, you ask? Other than the fact that she's a horrible person? Well, poor Whit was not only a bit eccentric but very hard of hearing, and therefore phone conversations with him were agonizing. The family would often joke around and imitate him on the phone, but not in a mean way. My sister particularly took an interest in him and found him quite amusing. Alas, he is gone, one less relative to visit with in Vermont every summer. Well, eventually the grim reaper meets us all, accompanied by hula dancers, and hands us our well-deserved tropical drinks. Then we pick up our suitcases and fade away.

Yes, I have been playing The Sims 2 quite a bit recently.

Holy crap. Now this is a great way to put your writing expertise to good use!

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