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So this scenario amuses me.

Ade: I had Indian food.
Ade: So, does anyone know of a good Indian restaurant near the Pittsburgh airport?
*crickets chirping*

Ah well. If my dear friend Google isn't helpful, I'll just settle for the India Garden in Oakland.

Nick and I made Mexican food last night. He made black bean soup and margaritas, and I made chimichangas. So, of course, the soup was INTENSELY flavorful (it was ok spiciness-wise, but he put a lot of seasonings in it because he's Nick), and the margaritas were especially potent. I couldn't drink more than a sip or two of mine, since it was about 50% alcohol and incredibly sour to boot. Sheesh. Nick said he could barely taste the alcohol, but he was quite drunk after only one margarita. And when he has a lot to drink, he gets VERY talkative. Even after I went to bed and was almost asleep, he came into my room, sat down at the foot of my bed, and kept talking to me, completely ignoring my "gowayineedasleep" mumbling. I sure hope that boy never takes up bartending.

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