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Gotta love Meadville. One day the weather is nice, the next... it snows. In April.

I went to Tekkoshocon over the weekend. I was almost overwhelmed by the number of people geekier than me. I didn't dress up, though I did wear my Naruto headband. When I was leaving the house, my sister said, "You're wearing that?!" Yep, and half the other people there wore them too. It was my first anime con, and I thought it was reasonably fun. The only problem? My friends decided to be dorks and not go. You see, half the fun of conventions involves sitting around and having weird conversations in the middle of the night. But I was wandering around by myself most of the time, since none of my good friends went (there were a few so-so friends there, but I barely saw them, although I gave Stephen a ride down so I did have a good 2-hour conversation). I did meet a few people during the cosplay (including a girl my height) and hung around with them for a little while afterwards. But you people need to go to more cons with me. At least I know I'll have friends at Confluence this summer.

Some highlights:
- lots of cross-dressing. My favorites: a young teenage girl as a pigtailed Rock Lee, complete with eyebrows, and a ridiculously hot female Kiba.
- watching people with glowsticks dance (preeeeeetty...)
- a Japanese food panel where one girl made choco pie sushi just because she could (I didn't get to try it, but I found the idea amusing)
- people in costume dancing
- walking into a restaurant at the mall to meet my sister and her friend for dinner with the headband on just to embarrass them
- people who understand why slash/yaoi is awesome (although many are waaaaaay too into it - jeez, can't 2 male characters be friends without girls finding homoerotic undertones any more?)
- I got a Chouji keychain (MEAT TANK!!!!!!!!!! ROLLROLLROLLROLLROLL!!!!!!!), a shirt that says "I cause nosebleeds" (I'm not much of a nosebleed-causer myself, but I found the shirt amusing, and the dealer gave me a $3 discount and a free Naruto/Sasuke slashtastic bookmark), and some manga

After the con on Sunday, I stopped at Panera on the way home and ran into Laura's mom and brother. Will said he was going to go to the con but didn't for some reason. Ha. Nerds abound.

Dante is getting new cagemates on Friday. He'll be happy about that. He was kinda lonely this weekend in the little travel cage, but he seemed better when we came back and he went back into the big cage. He's been eating, so that's good. But he'll have more friends soon.

Did I mention I got a laptop? It rocks.

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