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First off, a big HUZZAH for Ben and Derek for finishing/turning in their comps. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's what I've been up to the last few days:

On Friday I drove down to Breezewood and adopted two sweet ratties. I met with a woman from Maryland who said she had too many rats and didn't have enough time to spend with all of them (she has kids and stuff) and wanted to find homes for two boys. I kind of feel bad because on the way back, I subjected them to two hours of me singing along with the Rent soundtrack. I hope that doesn't constitute animal abuse, but it was a preview of what all my animals must suffer at some point, usually repeatedly. So I have Squeekers (black and white) and Pee Wee (bluepoint) now. They both have white underbellies, so I think they might be berkshire markings, but I'm not an expert on markings. They're both adults, I think Squeekers is 1 and Pee Wee is 1 1/2. They seem very sweet, and I think they'll get along well with Dante once I introduce them. They like rearranging the travel cage (the box I gave them ends up in a new location every 5 minutes or so) and digging/mounding the litter, which is quite amusing to watch. So far, they seem friendly and tolerant of me. Though on Friday, Squeekers seemed frightened of me holding him, but I think that was because my sweatshirt was caked with cat hair. Dude had claimed my lap for a while and shed all over me.

Yesterday my sister and I adventured in Monroeville to pick up Indian food (she doesn't like it, the beastie, but my mom suggested Indian takeout for dinner, which was delicious). We saw many interesting things at intersections. One old lady had her finger crammed up her nose, obviously digging for gold, and another couple was making out, though they stopped at one point (I was yelling at them to get cracking again, though I know they couldn't hear me).

And I'm sure today will involve lots of mundane things.

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