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phew. i woke up at 5:30 this morning to work on my essays, but i finished them and turned them in. yay! i'll go have lunch in a few minutes, then prepare for psych. after my last class, i'm going to power-nap since i'm really sleepy. i almost nodded off in brit. lit., and i usually don't have problems with sleeping in class. i sit in the front row for the most part so i can see the board, and it helps keep me alert.

what's on the slab for friday? class, nap, dinner, games night, and possibly anime night if i feel like watching cowboy bebop. i'm not a big fan of the show (it has its good points, but it just doesn't interest me that much), so i'll only go if there's nothing else to do. i have to get up early tomorrow for make a difference day, so i should go to bed early. apparently we're washing windows and painting someone's house. well, i have my muddy old velcro sneakers here, and almost all my jeans have paint stains on them somewhere, so i'll be fine. last year i got muddy and soaked from planting and watering trees. but we get free food and t-shirts, and that's motivation.

time for lunch. i'm starving, and apparently they're having chicken pot pie (which is one of my favorite foods, just not dining hall style). bye!

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