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Argo party was fun. Chess + Chez Geek + Eurotrip = good times.

And now, I avoid packing.

What is your perspective of me? Using a candybar doll maker make a doll of me from what you remember of my looks and post it here in the comments. Once you've posted here, ask the same in your own journal and see what your friends think you look like!


The scary thing is, this actually looks a lot like Nick, if you substitute the fabulous handlebar moustache for a regular one.

swiped from Anne:

[Relationship Status] - It's just me, and I like it that way.
[Parents still together] - yup
[Siblings] - my kid sister, Katie (who's 16 now)
[pets] - 3 rats (Dante, Pee Wee, and Squeekers), 3 cats (Belle, Moccasin, and Dude), a budgie (Nicky), and some pond fish (the koi are named Nick and Fetcher, and the goldfish are mostly nameless)

[Color] - rainbow
[Number] - 87 1/2
[Animal] - kittens
[Book] - there are too many to name
[Flower] - dandelions and daisies

[Twirl your hair?] - my hands are almost constantly in my hair
[Have tattoos?] - no
[Cheat on tests?] - no
[Like roller coasters?] - they're ok
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] - yes, but I'm not sure where at this point
[Like cleaning?] - no
[Write in cursive or print?] - kind of 2nd grade print
[Know how to drive?] - yup
[Own a cell phone?] - yeah, but it's just to have as a phone-phone in case I need it, I don't really like talking on the phone
[Ever get off the internet?] - when I'm asleep...

[Been in a fist fight?] - yes
[Considered a life of crime?] - only in games
[Considered being a hooker?] - NO
[Been in love?] - meh
[Made out with JUST a friend?] - shut up
[Been in lust?] - thbbbbbbbbbb
[Kicked someone in the nuts?] - by accident
[Current clothing] - Confluence 2004 t-shirt (woot!), some grayish-green pants, bue ice cream cone socks, and underthings
[Current hair] - same as usual, loose

[Current thing I ought to be doing] - packing stuff in boxes and either putting them in my car or the front hallway to put in my car tomorrow
[Currently playing] - nothing
[Last movie you saw] - Eurotrip at the Argo party 2 hours ago
[last thing you ate] - 2 bean burritos
[Believe there is life on other planets?] - it's possible
[Read the newspaper?] - sometimes
[Hated yourself?] - not too much, just certain aspects of myself like how I'm socially retarded and have defective sinuses
[Collect anything?] - I have collections of all sorts of things, like My Little Ponies, Pez dispensers, and Ganesha statues
[Like your handwriting?] - yeah, it's fun and surprisingly legible

[First crush] - hmmmm... maybe Jonathan Wisbee, he lived in Maine. Our moms used to be college roommates and when we were wee ones, our moms would take us to museums a lot. I haven't seen him since we were 7. Last I heard, a few years ago he was a surprisingly intelligent and nice... football player.
[you believe in love at first sight?] - only in cases involving small furry animals
[you believe in "the one?"] - no
[Are you a tease?] - I tease everybody, but I'm not a cocktease
[Too shy to make the first move?] - I don't really care to put the moves on anyone

[A Daydreamer] - have you met me?
[Sarcastic] - I have frequent sargasms
[shy] - yes
[Talkative] - if I get excited and hyper

[Pierce your nose or lip?] - neither, but I'd go with the nose if I had to
[Be serious or funny?] - funny

[Simple or complicated?] - I'm a simple person with a complicated mind

[What time is it] - 2:09 am (yikes)
[Name] - Ade
[Nickname] - I seem to go through nicknames like candy

[Where do you want to live] - in a giant castle somewhere in the English countryside, or at least a house with many non-coniferous trees surrounding it
[How many kids do you want] - I don't particularly want to raise children, I'd rather be an aunt or grandmother
[What kind of job do you want] - just something mindless that pays the bills so I can be a part-time writer
[Do you want to get married] - not particularly

[Nervous Habits] - it's hard to tell what's a nervous habit and what's a Tourette syndrome tic...
[Are you double jointed] - no
[Can you raise one eyebrow] - yes, but apparently only the left one
[Can you cross your eyes] - yup
[Do you make your bed daily] - NO (take that, Mom!)

[Which shoe goes on first] - right
[Ever thrown one at someone] - probably
[How Much money do you carry in your wallet] - I have a tendency to get $30 or $40 in cash and then end up spending most of it a day or two later (going out to eat, getting random things on small trips to Walmart, etc.) and then carrying 50c - $5 for a couple weeks

[Bought something] - um... does putting quarters in a laundry machine count?
[Gotten sick] - I'm recovering from a cold, it's just congestion now
[Sang] - I was walking around the kitchen singing "Scotty Doesn't Know" an hour ago
[Felt stupid] - yeah, I made a couple dumb moves playing chess with Evil Thom
[Missed someone] - sort of
[Gotten drunk] - no
[Gotten high] - no
[Danced crazy] - I don't think so
[Gotten your hair cut?] - no
[Watched cartoons] - yes, I watched Gothbot for the 325769238659th time half an hour ago
[Lied] - last night, I made some vegetarian buffalo wings (more like spicy fake chicken nuggets), and when Nick asked if they were real chicken, I said yes just to see his reaction

[Slept in your bed] - me
[Saw you cry] - no idea
[Made you cry] - no idea
[Saw a movie with you] - the Argo people
[Said 'I love you' to you] - Nick

[Been to California] - I think we were at an airport there once when I was... 5-ish
[Been to Europe] - just England
[Wished you were the opposite sex] - I'd like to be a boy for a week to see what it's like, then go back to being a girl. It's not penis envy, it's penis curiosity.

1. Honestly, are you in love right now? no
2. Honestly, what color is your underwear? white with blue and green designs on them
3. Honestly, whats on your mind right now? I'm kinda hungry, and I should go to bed soon.
4. Honestly, what are you doing right now? this survey
5. Honestly, what did you do today? did some packing, played Runescape, went to the Argo party, that's pretty much it
6. Honestly, do you think you are attractive? I'm ok, even a little cute on good days
7. Honestly, have you done something bad today? well, sloth is a deadly sin... so I haven't technically done anything bad, it's the act of not doing anything that's supposedly bad
8. Honestly, do you watch disney channel? sometimes if my sister is watching it, I will too
9. Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now? no
10. Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time? eating at an Indian restaurant with good friends and having weird, interesting discussions
11. Honestly, do you bite your nails? no
12. Honestly, what is your mood right now? pretty neutral, just kind of dreading this coming week since I'll probably be working 3 days (making up for Thursday too, since I was sick), not to mention moving at the end of the week and having to say goodbye to most of my friends, knowing I'll barely ever see most of them again, if ever
13. Honestly, who do you want to see at this very moment? Megan (soon enough...)
14. Honestly, do you have a deep dark secret? not that I can think of... a few secrets but nothing too scandalous
15. Honestly, do you hate someone right now? no
16. Honestly, who/what do you want to hug right now? nobody really, I'm in a don't-touch-me mood (not in a negative way)
17. Honestly, are you in denial? About what? not that I know of
18. Honestly. Who would you like to have sex with right now? nobody
19. Honestly, do you like someone? no
20. Honestly, does anyone like you? yeah, but I wish he didn't
21. Honestly, is it going anywhere with them? no
22. Honestly, did you answer all these questions honestly? for the most part... maybe a couple were more what I wished was honest

[] I still play w/ barbies
[x] I still watch cartoons
[]I eat Lucky Charms. (yuck)
[]I go trick or treating. (I wish!)
[] I've taken a bubble bath in the last month.
[] I have water balloon fights with my friends.
[] I still believe in Santa
[] Mommys still the coolest person ever.
[x] I sleep till noon.
[]I still pass out little Valentines day cards on Valentines Day.
[]The boy/girl that sits behind me is cute in one of my classes
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] I still drink apple juice.
[] I sleep in my mom/dads room when I get scared.
[] There are monsters in my closet.
[] I can't sleep with the lights off
[x] I can't sleep with the lights on
[] I still like piggy back rides.
[x] Boys/girls still make me giggle.
[x] Boys/girls still have cooties

A - AVAILABLE: well... technically I'm single, but I'm not looking or making myself available for the taking
B - BEST FRIEND: like half a dozen people
C - CRUSH: orange is delicious
E - LAST PERSON OF OPPOSITE SEX TO TALK TO: Nick, he was in here for a while playing with that doll maker
F - FAVORITE BAND/ARTIST: Tori Amos, Dar Williams, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
G - GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS: I'm not particularly fond of gummy candy, but I like worms 'n dirt, and gummy bears remind me of Hedwig
H - HOMETOWN: East Lyme, CT
I - INSTRUMENT: harpsichords, dulcimers, sitars, and Indian percussion instruments are awesome
K - KIDS: I like my cousins Kara and Danny, they're awesome
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: maybe going to Vermont, that's... 12 hours? Or Massachusetts, I forget which is longer
M - MILK FLAVOR: milk by itself is gross, but chocolate makes it tolerable
O - ONE THING YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: NOBODY eats corn on the cob like meeeeee!
P - PHOBIAS: I don't really have them, I just have lots of aversions... like doctors and medical things
Q - FAVORITE QUOTE: Jeez, I have like a billion of them...
R - REASON TO SMILE: I was a questionable psychology major who slept all the time, lit bonfires, kept shots of buttery nipples in my room, and had cute twins with me until Adam stole them. This will only make sense to a couple people, but I find it hilarious, and Chez Geek is one of the few card games (not including standard 52-card decks) I like.
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: that weird/annoying experimental jazz Nick was playing... ick
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: much later than I should have
U - UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: but if I told you, it would be known!
W - WORST HABITS: Runescape (ok, maybe it's more of an addiction than a habit...)
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: my collar bone area (I broke a collar bone when I was 1 1/2), my head (my mom had this done when I had a cold once... a little over the top there!), and my wrist a couple times (when they were testing to find out if there was a medical reason for my extreme shortness, though they didn't find anything), maybe others somewhere along the line
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus and year of the pig

First real best friend: Elizabeth Mlynarski
First Cellphone: I got the one I have a year ago (well, a year ago in like 2 weeks)
First pet: Of my own? Emma the big fat tabby nurse cat
First piercing/tattoo: my ears when I was 8, but I let them close up since they kept getting infected
First big trip: my parents used to take me on big trips to lots of places, but that mostly stopped after my sister was born, since lugging 2 brats around would be much harder than just taking me
First flight: sometime when I was a baby or toddler
First Celebrity Love: Donnie from NKOTB when I was in kindergarten
First time out of the country: I think my parents took me to British Columbia when I was 2
First job: working on office stuff for my dad one summer


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