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My dad and sister had an interesting morning. My dad was taking Katie to lifeguard training in Pittsburgh (she passed the test and got certified today, and she has a lifeguarding job lined up this summer). She was telling him all about how her friends' dads all have high-tech stuff in their cars, and he only has manual locks, windows, and really basic stuff (so do I, but I like it that way, although I wish I could adjust the mirrors from inside the car and had a back windshield wiper). So my dad said something like, "I love my car, I'm going to keep it forever."
That'll teach him not to say things like that. Apparently it was a high-traffic area right outside the Squirrel Hill tunnels, and he rear-ended a minivan. The minivan had minor damage, but my dad's poor little granny car didn't survive. Alas.

Now that means my family is looking for 2 new vehicles: one for my sister (since she's going to be busy and ALWAYS needs rides), and one for my dad. Sheesh.

I went up to Allegheny to see people after graduation. Only talked to a couple people, but eh. And it looks like the guy took the furniture I set out, so I can relax about that.

Last night, I went to Barnes & Noble to buy a mother's day present and something for Nick's birthday. I got my mom a historical fiction book about the plague (heartwarming and uplifting, I imagine). I know she likes historical fiction with interesting female characters. So buying presents for her involves scanning the literary fiction shelves for covers containing paintings of archaically-dressed women. I saw one book about the biblical Sarah that looked interesting, but I flipped through and saw that the writing was flat, cold, telling, and boring, so I stuck that back on the shelf. It gives me some hope of rising to the top of the slush pile one day.

Also, The Ice Harvest is a crappy movie. It's not even funny, like the cover says it is, and not a good family movie. Lots of killing people, though, if you're into that sort of thing. Me, I say violence is for video games.

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