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Well, the past few days have been interesting. I worked for Francesca on Wednesday, then went to Rose's housewarming party. 'Twas fun, and Rose's apartment is HUGE. Thursday was my birthday, and I spent the day wreaking havoc with Rose and Thom, and they made the most amusing birthday cake I've ever had. I shall post a picture once I find the box where I put my camera cable. Today was all right as well. I'm in a decent mood. My friends are amusing and awesome. This is good.

My mom got me a set of towels for my birthday. I was glad, because I only had a couple crappy towels I got when I went off to college, plus a couple random ones. Then I felt really old for getting excited about receiving practical items as presents. That's it, I'm buying Katamari with my birthday money. Toys! Weeee! Plus, it satisfies my megalomaniacal urge... I shall conquer by rolling the world up into a ball and catapulting it into space! To cool music! Muhahahahahahaaaaa!

I should probably deal with the massive loads of boxes and random stuff in my room tomorrow. My dad and sis are off at an Indian Princess campout this weekend, so the house will be nice and quiet... relatively. My mom and I did have an adventure hunting down an agile chipmunk in the house today, thanks to one of the cats. This is the second time this week I've responded to my mom's hollering, grabbed a bowl, and released a critter back outside. A few days ago, it was a bird, but that was much easier than the chipmunk. The bird just kind of flew onto the counter. The chipmunk hid in the living room while we searched for it and made several narrow breaks until I trapped it in the bathroom. It jumped into the wastebasket, which made things much easier. In the 13-ish years we've lived here, I've become quite good at trapping small, frightened animals in the house. But sometimes they like to test my skills.

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