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Best. Video. Ever. It kind of reminds me of Evil Thom 10 years from now.

The week so far has been interesting. While working for Francesca on Monday, we took a field trip to Staples and Sally Beauty Supply (for hair dye). I pushed her around in a wheelchair and was REALLY tempted to run down the aisles saying "Weeeeeeeeeee!" but knew that would be a bad idea for many reasons. Still, the idea was amusing. Maybe someday I'll find a non-disabled person, put them in a wheelchair, and run down an open road/sidewalk/place where we won't get yelled at or kicked out. Anyway, the field trip was fun and amusing, and we got a lot done despite playing hooky for a while when looking for pink and purple hair dye. Hee.

Then I hung out with Rose and JC and schtuff. I have now seen a buttload of episodes of The OC. The show is more interesting than I thought it would be, full of characters you love to hate. Although I do adore Seth, he is amusingly witty and nerdy. And Summer likes My Little Pony.

The AC in our house is currently broken. I didn't know this until after I woke up this morning (after a night of tossing and turning and waking up way too early several times) and my mom told me. I promptly moved the rats to the basement, where it's nice and cool, and I will probably be staying here, rather than my room, for most of the day. Yes, taking over the world from my parents' basement is an excellent idea.

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