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Hello folks. I have an opportunity some of you might be interested in. Considering at least half the people who read this are serious writers, I thought it was worth posting. Many of you know I work for the author Francesca De Grandis, and she offers seminars to people all over the world by phone. This seminar deals specifically with the publishing business, and it's basically a Publishing 101 for writers of all skill/experience levels. I won't ramble about what a genius she is or how much I've learned from her, but if you're serious about publishing your work (even if you don't have anything finished), this would be a good place to start (or continue). And if you can't afford it, no worries, you can arrange some other sort of trade. And if you DO have a little extra cash, have you donated to the Alpha Scholarship Fund yet? (I did!)

By the bye, sorry this has been the second consecutive Ade-advertises-good-stuff post. I'll post meaningful content at some point. I doubt most of you want to read about things like how much I've been knitting/crocheting, watching copious episodes of The O.C. with Rose, the new construction skill on Runescape, and the family soap opera I refuse to be dragged into.

So without further rambling:

Writing Is an Art,
But Publishing Is a Business.
A Six-Week Teleseminar for Writers

All you need is your phone to enjoy this teleseminar (telephone-class) suited to both beginning and experienced writers.

Publishers want authors with authentic, unique visions AND savvy about publishing as an industry. Without the latter, all your creative efforts might languish in your file cabinets. But exactly how do you meld your creativity with commercial success? In other words, you should write what you want - - write what your heart tells you is important or fun - - but, how do you get it published? You can learn in Writing Is an Art, But Publishing Is a Business.

As Mike Larsen, top literary agent, says, writers have to become entrepreneurs. I will explain both the nuts 'n' bolts of becoming a literary entrepreneur and the basics of how publishing operates as a business. Join me to discover:
* how to explain your personal heartfelt vision of your work in an easily understood and saleable manner
* the unique power you have to be a successful author
* what can make you - - yes, you - - desirable to agents and publishers
* and how to network for success (without feeling like a fake)

I will also steer you to the books or other resources that you personally require to navigate the mysteries of a query letter, synopsis, or whatever other publishing puzzles you're facing. This includes a reading list tailored to attendees.

Lessons will be in a supportive environment that focuses on selling, without selling out. This is not a class about buckling to trends but about publishing what you believe in.

Anyone who can tackle the maze of writing a book, has the discipline to write despite a day job, or manages to hear even the faintest echo of their own ideas midst the cacophony of modern living, can navigate the intricacies of corporate publishing. However, they can't do it alone. And I'm experienced at providing the necessary help.

I LIMIT ENROLLMENT TO TEN PARTICIPANTS. (This class won't be offered again until 2008. I'll be teaching one or two more courses for writers over the next year. Each course will be offered again a year or two later.)

The group will meet SIX CONSECUTIVE WEDNESDAYS from 6 PM (New York time, 3 PM California time) to 6:55 PM starting WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21. RESERVE WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 6 PM, for a makeup class in case I'm unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

TOTAL COST for the six classes is $240 plus long distance charges to the U.S. area code for the event's "tele-bridge." Just call long distance then pay the charges on your phone bill. Phone me for info about scholarship, trade, or payment plan.


"Writing Is an Art, But Publishing Is a Business" is part of the Writing Magic series so WHEN REGISTERING ONLINE, Select "Writing Magic" on the drop-down menu for class selection.

* Send check or money order for $240
Also enclose:
* e-mail address, home address, and phone number
* the title of the desired event: Writing Is an Art, But Publishing Is a Business
Francesca De Grandis
PO Box 145
Meadville PA 16335

Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved, and tele-bridge phone number, etc is mailed to you. Refunds unavailable. I reserve the right to terminate anyone's involvement in an event at any time; in which case, refund will be prorated according to time attended.

For more information, call (814) 337-2490, between 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time, Mon -- Fri. I'm happy to talk as long as you need by phone but please do not email me. Current injuries limit email usage.

FRANCESCA DE GRANDIS, the creator of Writing Magic -- seminars in writing skills and the business of publishing -- is a dynamic and motivating author, poet, editor, and speaker. Along with poetry, she writes humor, spirituality, fiction, and self-help. She has also written for national television. Her second book, "Be A Goddess" (HarperSanFrancisco), is now in its 13th printing and a classic in its genre. (And yes, she is quite happy with the advance she received.) Her books are in four languages. Francesca has been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, and on NPR, and served as a frequent guest on major market radio. She has lectured throughout the USA and UK since 1975. An acclaimed wordsmith, her work has shaped the liturgy and culture of the Goddess Spirituality movement. She also has been cited in "How To Write a Book Proposal" and "Guerilla Marketing For Writers" for her publishing savvy. She is former program chair for Northern California American Society of Journalists and Authors. Her lyrical album of original songs, "Pick The Apple From The Tree," was a top ten in New Age Voice, and selected by Sagewoman magazine as one of the thirteen most important albums of the Goddess Spirituality movement. Francesca also runs a publishing internship program in Pennsylvania, training college students for the publishing biz.

"Francesca De Grandis is a writer's best friend. Her edit of my manuscript was the best writing lesson I've ever had, and, because of her guidance, my project was then picked up by a top literary agent." --Phoebe Wray

"Francesca De Grandis has a keen sense of what marketing is. She understands that good publicity and exposure doesn't just happen, you have to work at it. Nobody works harder than Francesca! Energy, persistence and optimism --- and a bit of magic. That's Francesca." -- Margery Buchanan, former Marketing Director at HarperSanFrancisco

"I wrote a Holy Book called "The Book Of Nub" . . . I owe much thanks to Francesca . . . who . . . edited the piece extensively. Wee! I'm finally published!" --Scott

"Francesca De Grandis has a gift for understanding how to market and promote . . . and she will teach you how to be a pro at being proactive. Her savvy about grassroots marketing is extraordinary--and she's wonderfully entertaining as well!" --Mark Chimsky, Editorial Consultant, Mark Chimsky Editorial Plus, and former Editorial Director, HarperSanFrancisco

"A lot of melody just comes to me but I hated the lyrics I wrote, so stopped trying. After three weeks of using Francesca's material, two whole songs just came to me. I'm writing!" --Bob W, producer, songwriter

You are receiving this e-mail because you requested to be on my e-mailing list in order to receive announcements of my writing and publishing classes. Mailings happen about once a month. Should you want to no longer receive the e-mails, just e-mail me at with "remove" in the subject line, or call (814) 337-2490. If you prefer, make your remove request by writing me at P.O. Box 145, Meadville, PA 16335. Be sure to include the e-address at which you've received my email. Thanks, Francesca De Grandis

Copyright, 2006, F. De Grandis. Duplication of this email without written permission is illegal. Exception: if you duplicate it in its entirety, including this copyright statement, you may forward this email in personal correspondence and post on lists.

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