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Yesterday was funtastic. I went to the Fairy Fair with Megan and Laura, and we met up with Francesca there. It was kind of like the renfest, only the Cooper's Lake campground has much better terrain than the renfest place, with no steep areas to climb down (and it always seems to rain the day before, so there's mud everywhere). And more fantasy-ish than the renfest. I liked it. I wore a muumuu, my fancy rainbow wings (the expensive ones, not the paper mache ones I got for free from the theater), and pigtails. I tried to dye some of my hair purple, but it didn't really work. Oh well. And apparently that particular dye was more blue than purple anyway. Grrr. Anywho, I didn't buy anything, but I like looking at what artisans have, because it always inspires and motivates me to make my own stuff. Somebody made these wings out of a wire frame and webbed-ish eyelash yarn and was selling them at insane prices. "Hmmm," I thought, "I could totally make wings like that, and it would only cost me around $10 for materials, and I could get a couple pairs out of a roll of wire and skein of yarn."

After the festival, Megan, Laura, and I went back to Murrysville, and we stopped at the Udipi cafe on the way back for delicious Indian food. Megan and I have been frequenting the place (and the Indian store next door) recently, so the waiters and shopkeeper are starting to recognize us. One of the waiters who likes to joke around with us looked at Laura and asked if she was a new member. Heh. After we ate, we went to the Indian store, and I found a good outfit for special occasions. My mom had suggested that style of clothing popular with Indian women that's a long tunic paired with loose pants, so I was looking at those. I found a nice green one with blue trim for a reasonable price, so I bought it, and in a few days it will be ready (they have to shorten it to fit me, of course). So I'm happy about that. Even though someone (I forget who) said it looks like Indian mother-in-law clothes.

I've actually been doing some organizing today. We switched beds in my room, so I now have the old fancy pineapple bed in my room, and the trundle bed is going to my dad's new house. This is the second time this year I've switched beds in my room, but that's ok. So whenever I find a new place to live, I'll just get a new bed to have there, so that's one less thing to move. I think I'll eventually look for one of those beds with drawers underneath, so I can store my sheets there. Plus, then I don't have to worry about things getting lost in the space under my bed, and I don't have to scooch under there to find things.

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