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So. Things'n'stuff. This week I need to work on things like making reservations, travel plans, presents, registering for things, etc.

Last night I went on a walk with some neighbors and their dogs (after a trip to the exotic pet store and ice cream), and we just collected people and dogs along the way until there was a massive entourage of women/girls and canines parading down the street.

...I just blanked out. I know I have more interesting things to say than that, but my brain just kind of died and did nothing but play random Katamari songs in my head. So I guess this entry is pointless.

Also, I'm glad I'm not a parent, because if 10 minutes with 3 very talkative and inquisitive children gets on my nerves, I don't know how I'd handle 18 years of it. And I'm also glad I'm not married. But I am the most glad that I have cats. Thank you.

...Right, time to do something productive.

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