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So here's what's been going on lately, in no particular order:

- I beat ROSE at Scrabble. And Derek too, but mostly ROSE. It totally made my day. If you're wondering what's so profound about this, you must not know Rose.
- I was helping my mom plant impatiens a few days ago, and I was digging some holes. The cats were all outside, and Moccasin walked over to the holes I was digging, sniffed one, and promptly squatted and went potty in it. Um, thanks. I covered it over and dug a new hole next to it. Silly kitty.
- watching Derek try to kill a moth with an open bag of polyester fiberfill (it's fluffy material for stuffing) is hilarious, but seeing a dirty brown cheese curl that looks like a turd stuck to my crafting material is gross
- so... much... last-minute... knitting...
- I was watching TV with Rose and Derek and there was this Twilight Zone marathon going on. It reminded us of Ben, so we called him and left a stupid message on his very professional voicemail. It made his day, so we were happy.
- My sister and I took Belle to the vet today (just for a shot, she's healthy), and she was very good despite being stuck in a carrier in a waiting room full of hyperactive dogs for an hour. I read in a Cat Fancy magazine that cats in fiction draw a surprising market. "Hmmm," I thought, "good thing one of my secondary characters is a cat."
- so far, all these updates have been trivial, yet mostly amusing
- but my life will be insane until some point on Sunday
- and then I can relax and take a break from knitting, sewing, knitting, knitting, making stuff, knitting, sewing, making/carrying out important plans, and knitting... but probably only for a few hours before I crave more knitting

Also, I proudly state that I don't know how to dance and hope knitting will save me from people potentially seeing me sitting on the sidelines and thinking, "that girl must need a dance partner," and asking me to dance. I'll be saving them from embarrassment, really. Instead, people will look at what I'm doing, think, "that girl has pointy sticks and probably doesn't know how to dance anyway," and leave me alone. But inevitably I will draw a crowd of middle-aged women, because whenever I knit in public or where there are lots of people, middle-aged women always come up and ask what I'm knitting. On the plane, in the coffeehouse, at knitting conventions (well, that's kind of obvious), and other places... nothing draws middle-aged women like knitting. Except maybe the smell of chocolate, cakes, and other things. But seriously, if you're a middle-aged man looking to meet some ladies your own age, take up knitting.

Although if someone plays the funky chicken, I WILL get up and dance.

Maybe even the bunny hop or Macarena (NOT the electric slide, though).

Wait a minute, I must be thinking that I'm going to a middle school dance. I'm not.

I should shut up now. Good night.

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