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Derek: Last night I dreamed that I had a 12-hour dinner with Matt G-----.
Ade: Derek, that wasn't a dream...
Both: It was a nightmare!

(Matt G----- is Derek's dweeby former roommate who writes horrid poetry and kept following me around at a writers' house party several years ago and bragging about how he was such a good sci-fi writer when his writing is actually pukeworthy.)

So Derek and I saw POTC2DMC this evening.

I loved it. More than the first one, actually. I thought it was hilarious and silly in a good way. I really liked the way the Davy Jones crew looked and all the nifty details of their ship. I also found it amusing that people were running around in human hamster balls/wheels. Very silly but not over the top. Good performances by delicious-looking actors, sexy pirates (male, female, and miniature), and it was totally worth sitting through the ungodly long credits for the dog scene at the end.

So Davy Jones looked like Cthulu with a ballsack at the back of his neck. But I loved it. I just really liked this movie. Right up my alley. The cannibalism (mmm, fruity Jack-kebabs), the cross-dressing (it's always totally hot when chicks disguise themselves as boys), the scene where the two comic relief pirates were backing up Elizabeth and the water wheel with people fighting/running rolled by and they just stared, the MAD TENTACLE ACTION, and everything else. Yep. Good movie.

A couple days after taking my cat Belle to the vet for a routine vaccine, something bit her on the back. I've been mostly out of town for the past few days so I didn't get a good look at the wound. It might have been a small dog or something, but my dad took her to the vet again so she'll be ok. She just needs to take antibiotics and stay inside for a while. I just hope the boys will be all right, in case some aggressive animal is attacking cats. I don't think Dude or Moccasin bit Belle though. Dude is kind of scared of her (she doesn't like the boys and always hisses/swats at them, even if they avoid her), and Moccasin pounces on both of them but never bites hard enough to hurt much. There are a lot of dogs around though, so I think it must be one of them. Maybe even this cairn terrier nearby that randomly bit me on the face 10 years ago.

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