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today was make a difference day, so a bunch of the argo folks and i went to this nice old lady's house (no, she didn't have 23965 cats, though THAT would have been awesome!). we did things like wash windows and put plastic on them, move porch furniture, peel paint off the porch, etc. evil thom took charge of the shovel and was threatening to kill people with it. hehehe... afterwards, i went back to my room and changed before heading to the campus center for food. then i went to the studio and made progress on my dolls. i might go back later today, since i don't have anything to do until around 6. i COULD do OTHER homework, but my sculptures are more interesting. plus, if i finish early, i can make another doll or two. i'm ready to fill the bottles with sugar (i want them to be slightly heavy so they don't fall over, and i don't want a big bag of sand, so a bag of sugar works), and i'm almost ready to cover the giant bunny doll with styrofoam. i'm so excited about this project. it has priority over my other homework assignments.

6 days til fall break! yay! 26 days to halloween, the bestest holiday ever! i'm going to be a NUN this year! hehe a really short lesbian wiccan nun! i ordered a costume, and i've wanted a habit for the past 10 years. ahhhhh, sister act... the movie i was completely obsessed with half a lifetime ago... i also think it would be cool wearing a habit because of my position on catholicism. now there's nothing wrong with the actual religion (i don't agree with proselytizing, and i don't believe there's one TRUE religion, but those are my beliefs) or nice, open-minded catholics, but the whole history of catholicism is so... corrupt. religion was a form of power, and some individuals chose to abuse that power. also, i went to catholic school for a few years, and i learned that i really don't want to be catholic. plus, they excluded me from a lot of activities because my family is protestant. and episcopalianism is known to some as "catholic lite" (i like to call it "diet catholic" because it sounds neater that way). anyway... everyone knows i'm this queer pagan who's also EVIL (in a good way), so it would make this interesting contrast. though i also have lots of respect for nuns, and i think they're adorable. sure, there's the stereotypical teacher nun who's violent and mean, but that's the stereotype. nuns are so cute. i saw some at westmoreland mall over the summer. i wonder where the nearest convent is. since they were at that particular mall, maybe greensburg? ooh, i should find out and go visit! i just want to hang out with nuns for a day and see what their lives are like. maybe someday i'll write a book or something, so i'll want to stay in a convent and be a "nun" for a week. that would be cool, but i know they do work and get up early and stuff. i find them very interesting. and i think amish people are neat too. and jews. and polygamist mormons (i actually have one or two in my ancestry!). and hindus. and half the religions of the world, for that matter. wheeee, look where the thought train went. from fall break to polygamist mormons. i rock.

*groan* this silly guy online that i barely know is telling me he likes me. i wish people would get the idea that i'm NOT INTERESTED in romance... unless someone REALLY catches my attention. bleh. oh well.

hum de dum, me go bye bye now. bye bye!

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