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5 days to Confluence. I'm excited. But also dreading something. Now what would that something be, you wonder?

Digging through all my boxes of crap looking for my panda ears and smelted squid. They just have to accompany me to Confluence, they do every year. I'd feel naked without them.

Also, furniture stores are fun to wander around, and Indian buffets are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Ok, so maybe the original saying involved beer and not Indian buffets, but I strongly prefer the latter.

Ohnoes, the heterophobes strike again! How dare those dirty homosexuals throw such horrible insults as "breeders" and "baby-makers" at the oppressed majority? What next, are they going to beat an innocent straight man, tie him to a fence, and leave him to die, using the excuse that he WASN'T hitting on them? This is an outrage! And harassing people who sign a petition that advocates banning gay marriage and treating GLBTs as second-class citizens? I haven't seen such discrimination against the virtuous majority since those dirty blacks and hysterical women were given the right to vote! Not to mention interracial marriage! Goodness, what is this world coming to? And in Provincetown, the gay Harlem of Cape Cod, no less... I say we roll back our sleeves and show those faggots our straight, white muscles! They'll never dare mess with us straight people and shove their lifestyle choice down our throats again!

*ahem* Sorry. By the bye, if you don't know me and have just stumbled across this journal, please don't track me down and kill me. I get a little carried away with my sarcasm sometimes. On that note, I totally want to visit Provincetown sometime. I'm such a fag hag, it's ridiculous.

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