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hi all! i just got back from an eric himan concert. he played at the pride ally house on campus. i went there feeling dead because i just had a 2 1/2 hour nap, but his music really woke me up. he's this awesome, nice, cute, gay musician, and he likes tori! i got one of his cds. at first the concert was outside and it was cold, and jessica saw i was kinda shivering, so she got me one of chris's sweaters. she's so nice. well, i'm a tiny girl, and chris is a big guy, so the sweater was huge on me. it went to my knees, and the sleeves were about a foot too long. some people who saw me wearing it found it hilarious. but it was really comfy! and nick kept commenting on how incredibly short i am and how it hurts his neck to talk to me. if he wasn't so nice to me, i'd kick him.

what a day. maybe i'll get caught up on some homework before i go to bed. i'm not incredibly sleepy, but i can sleep in tomorrow (unlike the past 2 nights). all i have tomorrow is fencing, and i'll probably go to the studio for a while or do homework. eh, what am i saying? i'll probably be on the computer all day tomorrow! i'll try to wean myself more.

toodles, mr. jim!

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