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I forgot to mention, the deadline for submissions for the first issue is August 7. Yes, it's soon, but that gives you time to dig up something, riiiiiiiight?

I'm hunting through short shorts I've written and wondering if there are any that DON'T involve eating cheerleaders, zombie kittens, horny chihuahuas, pickle-flavored grasshoppers, and that sort of thing. Yes, half those were written during Tuesday group, and they're quite amusing, but I don't think I'd want to submit them, they're more for the amusement of friends. Although I quite like the piece involving zombie kittens, John Stamos in drag, and a possessed toilet plunger, as did the middle-aged women in the group I read it to. *snickers*

I did find this little gem from a couple years ago (I remember the meeting too - we were writing random words and trading them, and I got Carolyn's. And Emily S. was talking about her roommate's bed tap dancing across the room.):

I Love Tuesday Group

Last week, I was on my way to water the gelatinous lampshade, when I stepped on a frolicking hermit crab. It screamed at me in Swedish, then limped back to the rotunda and curled up in its shell. The lampshade jiggled as I misted it, gurgling as it absorbed the water. The light bulb glowed appreciatively, and the figurehead on the base thanked me.
The bed tap-danced across the room, and my closet devoured the pile of clean laundry on my desk. After taking care of the shade, I ran to comfort the crab. He blew a raspberry at me and scuttled into an empty box of Apple Jacks.

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