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awww, the weekend is nearly over. i think i'm going to call megan after i post this, because i haven't talked to her in a few days, and i feel like i need to talk to her. of course, that could be because i was cleaning my inbox today and went through the folder of all her old emails from the end of 2000 to this year and had a few good laughs.

just got back from the art studio. i filled the bottles partway with sugar to make them more stable, and i put tape all over them. tomorrow or tuesday i'm going to break out the paint and put base coats on some of them. i have a ton of acrylic paint left over from all those high school pre-college art classes at cmu, so i don't have to buy any. good! wow, i really talk about this project a lot.

mom called, so we talked awhile. she'll probably come get me at 2:30 or 3 on friday. yay for fall break! i wonder if any of my murrysville friends in college are going to be home that weekend. if not, that's ok, i can just hang out with my murrysville working friends. maybe cj too. and if i'm reeeeally lucky, bill, nina, and dave. i want to see bill and nina more before they move. i'm not sure when they're moving, sometime within the next 6 months. they're going to maine, i think. poor cj, she's devastated because they're her best friends. she used them as her crutch, and now they're leaving her. and maine is a lot farther from pittsburgh than greensburg. i'll really miss them too. they helped me see that there ARE weird-in-a-good-way adults out there, and bill really helped me when i had that appendectomy infection. the reiki he gave me really helped heal the wound. bah. just when you're getting to know people better, they leave you. oh well. just another excuse to visit maine then. i haven't been there since i was 4 or 5. i went there to see the wisbeys and hursts, and i remember watching lobsters crawl all over the kitchen floor. my mom and sis went to visit the wisbeys last summer, and this summer mrs. wisbey and kate (who's my sister's age) visited us at the cottage in vermont. kate is really nice. my sis doesn't like her that much, but i do, and we really bonded in the 2 or 3 days we knew each other. i don't think i'd seen her since she was a tiny baby 12 years ago. i haven't seen her brother jon since i was 5 or so, and we were pals as kids. apparently he's a big football player guy now - but here's the kicker. he's NICE and SMART! and apparently more terrified of needles than me. ha!

bla. it's time for homework. bye.

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