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Alas, Confluence is over. Sadness. It was a lot of fun though, and I got to see lots of friends I don't see very often. This year's crop of Alphans seemed cool, and I got to talk to a few of them. They're like extended family, since they're Alphans. And I also saw Jules from Argo, and she hung out with us for a bit. The musical was fun, even though I got peer-pressured into letting them borrow my knitting stuff for a while, and they didn't even use it. And the readings were pretty awesome too. I guarantee you I will never look at a toaster the same way again without wondering how on earth it could possibly have sex with a woman.

I just want to collapse and fall asleep, but I have to take care of stuff like vaccuuming and other fun things. It also occurred to me when I was almost home that I need to buy more rat food, so I guess I'll have to get that tomorrow before going to Meadville. And then I'm going to Vermont sometime this week. Weeeee.

And Francesca made a couple minor changes to the submission guidelines regarding columns, so here they are AGAIN. *sigh* If she changes them again this close to the deadline (August 7), I'm going to tell her to go bleep herself.
Submission Guidelines for Faerie Nation's magazine

We accept all styles of work: prose, stories, rituals, poetry, artwork, makeup tips, you name it. Crazy people are sooooo multifaceted.

Include this exact sentence: "Please credit [name, professional or religious title if you want] as the author of this piece." If you want to be anonymous, fill in the blank with "anonymous."

If you want a contributor's bio in the mag, precede the bio with these words: "This is the bio:" After the bio, please write "end of bio" or your automatically generated signature or other comments addressed privately to us could end up in the magazine for all to see. Bio must be no more than a short paragraph, two-three sentences.

Include your real name, email addy, snail mail address, and phone number. They will not be published unless you include them in your bio.

Do not send us your only copy: We do not return submissions.

We consider one piece per author at a time. We do not consider submissions that are simultaneously being submitted elsewhere.

Submit your work in the body of an email. Do not use fancy formatting or programs. Just do it plain old email style. If you want a word italicized in the final copy, make the word all caps. Send to .

We need one time printing rights. Other than that, authors retain copyright of their work. Anything you submit must be yours and not subject to any copyright restrictions.

Articles might be edited for clarity and length. Poems will not. Rites will not, except for their prose sections, such as instructions.

In return for your article, you receive a free copy of the mag and one-time ad space. Please don't send the ad with your submission: If we accept your piece, we'll contact you to talk about the ad then.
Write about anything you want! I really mean that! Do not, puhleeze, focus on what you think I'll like. Pieces overtly about being Fey, the Faerie Queen, coming home to Her, pagan spirituality, community building, or inclusiveness aren't necessarily what I'm looking for. Faerie Nation mag is a place for Fey-touched folks to share what we are doing, who we are, and what we dream. FN mag, like FN itself, is for any mystic or maniac who wants in. Uber inclusive. This'll be one movement in which its founder doesn't say, "Be yourself!" then tell you that being yourself means thinking/being/acting just like him or her. Submit what is central and important to you, not the topics or angles you think will hook me as an editor.
For example, if you write a story that you think is totally non-Fey or not spiritual, cool! Faeries don't run around announcing, "I'm a Faerie, I'm a Faerie!" They just do whatever they like and write whatever interests them, anything from the environment to the self-help movement to makeup tips. (And I myself might talk about the environment or self-help VIA makeup tips.)

What do you as a unique person feel like writing about?

However, in case you like them, here are topic ideas I would love to see covered by someone who finds them personally relevant: The Fey are immortal; how does that affect a crone? What does it mean to be a FEY crone? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

In addition, the following are some of the mag's columns. Each will be open to submissions instead of done only by staff writers: Since I want to give any Fey-touched soul a venue in which they can express what is important to them, every column is hopefully an additional way to do that. I hope one appeals to you. Column submissions needn't be straight prose. Try a ritual or fiction or . . . In fact, anything you submit might be used for one of our ongoing columns anyway if it's a match. Cool!

* Column: Who is the Faerie Queen to YOU? And Oberon?
She has many faces. Which does she show in your own wild heart? Who is Oberon? He has countless aspects, like any healthy guy. Write about Him, Her, or Both.

* Column: The Green Fey Earth: Environmental Magic & Mystical Love of
Don't ask me what that column is about. Make it whatever that title
seems to you in your earthy, mineral filled bones.

* Column: Fashion Faeries
Okay, if it isn't fun, it isn't Fey! Nowhere is that more obvious then when it comes to dolling 'n' duding up. Write about glitter, glam, and magical style, whether it's your hair, nails, clothes, tattoos, jewelry, or . . .

* Column: Wandering & Wondering
The Free Fey is a wanderer. Whether the terrain is the uncharted territory of your own mind or new life adventures, you go where mystery calls. In paradox, you always have a home: both within your heart and with the Faerie Queen and King.

Every mystical vagabond has a unique journey. Nevertheless, after your gadabout, it's important to share about it with folks who understand in their own way. This column is a chance for that sharing. For example, what has life taught you recently? Or perhaps something amusing happened today? Did you read a great book? Wanna review a film?

In other words, "Wandering & Wondering" is yet another way to write whatever you want!! Hee, hee. The point of Faerie Nation's mag is to be inclusive of DIFFERENT people's visions of LIFE and MAGIC and SEX and . . . because there is always something juicy going on between your ears. We are all fabulous creative thinkers.

* Column: The Trouble With Being Fey - - A Troubleshooting Column
The magazine is a celebration of magical diversity. However, to have fun, we also need to feel safe. This column is a way we can share solutions to problems that many of us confront. For example, how do we get by without our friends all thinking we are nuts? If you're the sort of Fey-touched spirit who likes their mysticism wild, on the edge, and totally out there, what do you do to stay safe, sane, and psychically whole? What does it mean to be a mixed-blood human, both human and Fey?

Moving on: I really mean it when I say FN is inclusive: I'm including you, honest. In addition, please break out of the box labeled, "YOU can't discuss THIS! You're not authorized (by education, gender, class, race, age, sexual preference, whatever)." Girls and boys, talk about it ALL! As an example, teens can write for any column, (with written parental permission if under 18). The God(dess) is endlessly endless in Her/His aspects. As are humans. This means we all may have a lot to say on a lot of topics.

Thank you for your submission. Yes, indeed! I hope the magazine will be a venue for the "oddest" visionaries.

Yours in the Service of the Faerie Queen,
Francesca De Grandis

Copyright 2006, Francesca De Grandis. All rights reserved. No part of
this document may be reproduced without written permission.

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