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Tomorrow morning I'm heading off to Vermont, and I'll be back on the 7th. I'm literally in the middle of nowhere, with no cell phone reception and no internet (there are places a few miles away where I can go online, but we're in a log cabin on a lake). So if, for some reason, you're just dying to contact me, you can email me at ade.[mylastname] And if you want a postcard (I've been terrible about sending them), send me your address. Especially you, Zan, I owe you like two postcards because I'm a bad fake girlfriend.

Also, I watched "She's the Man" today. I found it highly amusing and actually enjoyable. It's based off Twelfth Night, my second favorite Shakespearean comedy, and Malvolio is a tarantula. Also, while I was watching the deleted scenes, there was a scene where cheerleaders were jumping around, and I suddenly realized how hungry I was. Mmm, delicious cheerleaders.

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