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I came back from Vermont a couple days ago, and now I'm at home, catching up on internet things, taking care of 3 cats, 3 rats, a bird, and pond fish, watching too much TV for my own good (though the Food network inspires me to make more than just instant noodles - I tend to eat more quick, nutritionless food when I'm alone and only really like to cook when there are other people around), and so forth. But that's boring.

Vermont was decent. My next door neighbors were there with their dogs this year, so it was more interesting than just family. There were three dogs there (my neighbors' two black labs, plus my uncle's golden retriever), which was fun and chaotic. I did go to the teddy bear factory like I wanted, but we didn't take a tour, we just browsed the gift shop. I was hoping they'd have books about making teddy bear related items or some teddy bear parts like eyes and joints, but no, just overpriced stuffed animals and accessories. Oh well. For less than five dollars, I can knit my own teddy bear, thankyouverymuch. I've been making them for months now, and I'll have made at least 5 by the end of August.

I also went to three different yarn shops in three days. I pretty much sat around knitting half the time I was there, which shouldn't surprise anyone. My sister's friend Julianna was visiting, and once I found out she was a cheerleader, I promptly threatened to eat her the rest of the time. Muhahahahahaaaaa. On the way back, one of my neighbors drove my car for a few hours (partially so I'd only have to drive 8-or-so hours instead of the whole 11-hour trip, and partially because she really wanted to drive my car). We learned some Swedish on the way, which I promptly forgot, and I made her listen to some of my crazy music. Weeeee.

The other day, some lady came to our door and, upon seeing me, asked if my parents were at home. It was quite obviously a door-to-door salesperson, and she left when I said they weren't. I walked back inside and promptly cracked up. Once again, my height prevented me from having to deal with someone selling something! Ha! I'm totally going to appreciate this in 10 years when salespeople ask to speak with my parents, and I'm in my 30s. Don't come to my door and ask me to buy something unless you're a girl scout and have a cookie order form with you. In that case, please PLEASE come work your marketing mojo, and I will gladly throw money at you in exchange for bites of sugary deliciousness. Or if you're an encyclopedia salesman, and then I can throw you out the window.

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