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Good news: RENT is live in Pittsburgh Aug. 24-27!
Bad news (more like catastrophic, distressing news): I'll be in Washington for my cousin's wedding those days. *bangs head against wall*

Speaking of my cousin's wedding, they were having a hard time finding a minister since people kept canceling, so Allen asked my dad if he would do it. My dad isn't a minister, but Allen told him he could become one online. So my dad agreed to become a minister online, but he'd only do the ceremony if there was absolutely nobody else and it was a last resort. So he went online and made up some absurd title and church for himself (I don't know exactly what it was, but I hope the certificate he gets has it printed). He told Allen, and then Allen replied that they finally found someone to do the ceremony. Phew. I guess that saved hell from breaking loose at the ceremony, although I still think asking Katie and me to serve cake is asking for a cake fight to break out.

Poor Angela. She's marrying into one crazy family. And she seemed like such a nice girl. I really hope she doesn't run screaming from the altar when we go out to Washington and our whole nutty family is together and wreaking havoc. I mean, she's met all of us, but when we're all together... hoo boy. And Dad, if you're reading this, let me know when you find out your title/church.

On the other hand, I think this wedding will be an overdose of cute. Mainly because there will be two flower girls and two ring bearers, not to mention three babies/toddlers on the scene. And there are few things in this world that are cuter than little boys in tuxes. Katie and I were actually fighting over who was going to be Danny's date at the wedding. The boy is 5, and girls are already brawling over him.

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