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I don't know whether my recent lack of posts has been due to laziness, busy-ness, or both. So here's what I've been up to lately.

- A few weeks ago, I went to the ZOO with my neighbor, her sister, and her niece. It was awesome. of course. And I got a stuffed octopus. While we were walking past the lions, there was a group of little kids lines up outside, and Joy (my neighbor's sister) said, "Look, they're feeding the lions!" Heeheehee.

- Last week I went to Washington for cousin Allen's wedding. I gave out so many piggyback rides to my little cousins, I think I almost got back in shape. Ha, that would be the day. My sister caught the bouquet. She did this flying ballerina leap as soon as the bouquet left Angela's hands, jumping right in front of a girl who's getting married soon, and snatched it. She ran and showed it to Dad, and he said, "You go put that back right now, young lady!" Ha. But the best slip was when I was talking about how Katie caught the bouquet, and I said she caught the buffet. Now that's a fun mental image! Anyway, I got to meet a few new cousins (the cousins in my generation have been getting hitched and popping out kids like crazy in the last few years), and little Ethan (who's 2) seemed to take a liking to me. At one point, we were at a restaurant (all 20-something of us), and after we ate, Ethan wanted to walk with me. So we went to the lobby, where there was a TV and some toys. He started playing with the toys, then saw that Spongebob was on. So he went and moved 2 little chairs up right in front of the TV. It was just too cute. And he moved my arms so they were in the same position as his. He has a new baby sister, Emily, so of course everyone was cooing over her a lot. I'm not too fond of babies, but she's a nice one. When people asked if I wanted to hold her, I said no, but when we were preparing for wedding photos, Laura (her mom) handed her to me, so I held her for a few minutes. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with her, so we just stared at each other. Wedding preparations were hectic, of course (are they ever calm?), and it amused me that everyone will be doing the same thing next year when Kevin gets married. Ahahahahahahaaaaa I'm glad I'm not involved and get to be a spectator.

- Um... I know there's other stuff, but it's late, and I have stuff to do before I can sleep.

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