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To all you Meadville chums, I'll be in the area on Tuesday if you're not all too busy playing video games/studying obsessively despite it being early in the year/playing DnD/spending too much time with any significant others/eating babies/whatever. I should be around after 6:30 or so - anyone up for Compadres or Julian's or something like that? Oh, and Rose, I have a present for you. Don't worry, I know you'll like it.

I want to move soon. I should probably get a job first, but I don't think it's worth staying here much longer. There's really nothing here. I mean, Megan just moved away, so that leaves me with one friend in Murrysville (who I rarely see any more), and while I have friends in Pittsburgh, I don't see them on a regular basis, and there aren't many jobs there. So I need to go. But I'm still not sure if I should wait to find a job (which could still take weeks or even months despite my efforts), or just move and then find a job. *shrugs*

Well. I suppose I should be off to bed now.

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