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why am i not in bed, asleep? why have i written only one paragraph of my psychology assignment due tomorrow (it's just a 1-page analysis of tv commercials, so it's easy)? why haven't i read the first canto of "the faerie queene?" i'll tell you why. because i was on the phone for 2 hours with sarah. of course, i hadn't talked to her in ages, and we had a good talk, but 2 hours, late at night... yowch. i was practically falling asleep on the phone. i called megan earlier too, and my mom called today. lots of phone time.

why is my right knee randomly aching? sometimes my knees like to hurt for no reason. perhaps from fencing today? i dunno. all i know is i'm going to have a big bruise on my thigh because i was fencing this guy and he whipped me on the side of my thigh about 5 times in one second (unintentionally) and it REALLY stung. i'm used to being poked and bruised and stung, but that must have hit a sensitive nerve or something because i actually stopped fighting, whined "owwwwwww," and had to rub it. he apologized though, and he didn't mean to hurt me, so i didn't go for the throat.

shut up and go to bed, ade, the bells will ring and wake you up in less than 6 hours! you know how you get cranky when you don't get enough sleep! goodnight.

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