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I went to the crafts festival with my mom and neighbor Bonnie today, and Bonnie and I kept smacking each other every time we saw a VW Bug. She keeps spotting punchbugs before I do, but I found some today. She got me 4 times, and I got her 3 times - I lost and got smacked the most, but at least I found some today. I got a little too excited over this too, like I forgot it's not a good idea to suddenly yell things like "PUNCHBUG!" while someone is driving. I'm 4, I swear.

My dad and sister were dog-sitting Nancy's dog, Cody, so when I went over to Dad's for dinner, I got to play with him. He loves tug-o-war, so we battled over a dishcloth a lot.

Ooh! Ooh! I want this job! They publish craft books! And we all know how obsessed I am with knitting. And editing. Hmmm, I wonder if all my qualifications add up to 3-5 years of editorial experience... Well, let's see if I can write a mind-blowing cover letter.

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