Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

Oh, and in addition to the last post, regarding the snooty writers, past and present, on campus: I seemed to tolerate them since I'm pretty tolerant of most people, even if our views on writing differed. I bear no bitterness towards most of them (some I really want to stab), but I wish there hadn't been such a divide between what I think of as the Bakken-suckups who hate genre fiction and those of us who write because we ENJOY it and like a DIVERSITY of literature. Many of the people Thom referred to used to be my housemates, and they were also my friends. I mean, they kind of had their own clique but were friendly with me, and that's fine. I think some of them were a little too elitist regarding writing and took it too seriously, but I didn't hate them for it. And Thom, I don't think you were overreacting - you just seem to have stronger opinions than me, and you notice things about people that I often miss - I tend to accept most people, which sometimes isn't such a good thing. But you know, I do agree with your judgment of the group structure and leadership and that sort of thing, even though I don't hate most of the people you seem to.

I also think Alpha provided a much-needed genre fiction outlet (at least THAT hasn't burst into flames and died - in fact, it seems to grow stronger every year), so I wasn't as bitter towards the "others" as some were/are.

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