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I have a question for you Japanese speakers. Are there two different words for "octopus," one meaning the food kind and one meaning the kind in the ocean? And if there are different words for octopus, what are they? Because I know "Tako" means octopus (thanks to the helpful sushi menu), but I'm not sure if it just means the kind you eat or what.

...I just don't want to name my awesome new stuffed octopus anything that implies I'm going to eat him. :oD Although "tako" sounds like "taco," which means either a delicious dish or a profane synonym for poop, depending on whether you're in Mexico or Spain...

And sushi is delicious. I got together with Nick today, and we ended up going to Sushi 3 and having yumtastic Japanese food. And their food is spectacular. It made my day.

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