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I was playing The Sims 2 and suddenly realized that the parents of the family I was playing weren't married. I thought I made them get married a long time ago, but I guess that had been overlooked. They're old people now, and they have 4 kids, so I guess getting married was just a formality for them... And it's always cute when old people get married.

My mom went to a Mary Kay thingy next door, and before she left, she actually asked me if I needed any makeup. What am I, a girl or something? Heh. Well, it's Halloween next month...

On a funny note, she was outside today, and my 5-year-old neighbor Abby (who's the infamous wild child of the neighborhood) was speeding around on her bike and yelled, "Get out of the way, old lady!" at her. I wasn't there, but my mom wasn't too happy about being called an old lady. She found it amusing though.
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