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Pee Wee passed away sometime during the night. I checked on him this morning, and he had moved (or had been moved) from where I last put him, but he was gone. He hadn't been as frisky as usual over the last month, but that seemed to be related to old age, but I think he had a stroke last night. He was two years old.

Rattie introductions part 3

I got Pee Wee back in March, along with Squeekers, as cagemates for Dante after Dr. Faustus passed away. The woman I got them from said her family had too many rats and were looking for a good home for the boys, so I took them. Pee Wee was fat, sweet, and friendly, and I'm glad I got to spend the last 6 months with him.

Farewell, little fatty. You'll be missed.

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