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Aaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. My sister will not shut up about this bloke named Jesse. She says he's soooooo hott and all the other girls are jealous because he likes her... I saw his picture, and frankly, I think he looks like an ugly meathead. And he's a football player, so of course I question his character. But then, I question my sister's character, so maybe it's a match. *shrugs* But she keeps going on and on and on about him even though I've told her repeatedly that I really don't care and am sick of hearing about it.

But wait, there's more! Apparently, she tells her friends I have "problems." This is apparently for when they come over and I'm around. Every time she has friends over and I'm around, she gets so embarrassed of me, and since I'm a rotten sister, of course I ham it up around her friends. Most of the ones I've met find me entertaining and seem to like me, but apparently Katie's been telling everyone I have "problems," which somhow explains my goofy behavior. "Well, you have Tourette's," she said. Yeah... but only a mild case, and most people don't even notice it, so that hardly qualifies as a "problem."

Well, I think she's histrionic, so there.

I find this amusing. Maybe next time she has a friend over, I'll put on my fencing jacket and tie the sleeves together around back like a straightjacket. Then I'll walk around screaming obscenities and foaming at the mouth. Or maybe I'll parade around in drag and hit on everyone. Hmmm...

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