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I am happy. Today, in an interesting twist of fate, I ended up with a free ticket to Spamalot. I had wanted to go, but tickets were absurdly expensive, so I was debating whether love or money would win. But all that changed today. The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft the ticket from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Ade, was to see Spamalot.

...Or maybe Nancy was sick and couldn't take Colin and Daragh. Either way, I win. Daragh's friend Paul (who looks a lot like a younger version of Elliot) and his parents went too. Last year (I think) for Halloween, Daragh and Paul dressed up as Arthur and Patsy, and they did an amazing job with the costumes. I wore my "I fart in your general direction" shirt, and they wore their "Ni" shirts. And, of course, Colin was there for mass amounts of quoting (along with his specialty, Homestar Runner).

It was awesome. It was a dream come true for me, blending my love for Monty Python with my love for musicals. It had some scenes straight out of the movie, but also a few new plot twists (some worked, some were kind of stupid). They did add a new character, the Lady of the Lake, who appeared throughout the musical, but I thought it would have been better without her. I think they just put her in as a weak attempt at having a significant female character in some kind of feminist-appeasing move so that the females in the musical weren't seemingly negative archetypes (the "witch," the promiscuous Anthrax maidens, that sort of thing). But it didn't work for me. Besides, they cut out almost all the other women anyway. They did cut out a lot of great scenes (like the witch trial, the bridge, the castle Anthrax) and added a few new ones (some were great, some were merely reasonable). But anyway, it was hilarious, the music, dancing, and costumes were great, the acting was tolerable (it wasn't as funny as the acting in the movie, as the actors were trying to "act" and not just be silly), and the ending actually resolved the plot (I didn't like the way it ended, personally, but it was all right). I also liked how they incorporated jokes and a song from other Monty Python sketches and movies.

If you haven't seen it already and you're anywhere near Pittsburgh, GO SEE IT.
A few random highlights:
- singing and dancing corpses
- a stripping suit of armor
- a can-can-dancing mime
- plenty of gay and Jew jokes (and musical numbers!)
- Patsy actually speaks!

We went to Golden Corral afterwards. I can feel the MSG churning in my stomach. Not a pleasant feeling at all. I seem to be more sensitive to MSG than most people, but for me it just makes my stomach uneasy. I know a few people who seem to have bigger problems with it. But being the dweeb I am, I often disregard this and eat whatever I feel like and just deal with any resulting stomachaches. *shrugs*

"Ow... my stomach lining..."

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