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There's this awesome middle eastern restaurant in Squirrel Hill, I think it's called Aladdin's (something like that). Good selection whether you're vegetarian or not, and I realized that the only reason I didn't like pita bread was because I had only tried the store-bought kind before. Fresh stuff is good though. Dawali is delicious too.

My mom kept trying to talk me into getting shoes SHE liked at Little's, but I'm very particular about what kinds of shoes I'll wear, and I felt sorry for the poor saleswoman who had to hear, "How about these ones?" "No, they're just slip-ons, I need laces or velcro." "How about these ones with velcro?" "I don't like the style." "But they'll be comfortable and last a long time!" "They only have one velcro strap, I need at least 2 or they won't fit right!" "Then how about these?" "Those are too girly," and so on. I liked some blue velcro ones, but the biggest size they had was a little too snug, so I finally got some that were green and gray with some velcro. The woman measured my foot and said I was a size 13, and was surprised that I wear 2s. I have short, wide feet, so the smaller sizes are usually too narrow for me, and my feet need room to breathe and move around. I like boys shoes because they're wider and aren't girly-looking. I think the ones I got were probably for boys, but they looked androgynous.

There's also this store on that street that sells fair-trade crafts from different countries, and they had some neat things. I got a cookbook with vegetarian food from all over the world (yay, miso soup AND aloo gobi in one book!) and some little elephants, because I love elephants. They had some neat knit finger puppets there too... and we all know how much I love knit finger puppets.

Speaking of that, the first issue of Faerie Nation Mag is almost done, and it will be available at the beginning of November. I've seen the galleys, and the magazine looks amazing. Our layout person did an awesome job, the art and writing blend well, and it just looks so COOL. If you're interested, you can subscribe here. If you subscribe now, you'll still get the first issue. I'm editing the submissions for the second issue now, and it looks like the second issue will be pretty nifty too. If you want to submit any writing or art, we're always looking for material (but I won't be reading submissions for the third issue until early 2007, so I'll harass everyone then). And I'm really good friends with the acquisitions editor, a crazy little fairy named Ade, so I can put in a good word for you. :oD

I want to make more comics. Somebody, give me a topic.

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