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I was cleaning out the rat cage tonight, letting the boys frolic in the basement, and when I picked up Dante to put him back in the cage, I noticed a bump under one of his arms. It looks relatively new and probably isn't cause for alarm - it's probably an abcess or small tumor, nothing untreatable. I'll give it a better look during the day time, he was squirmy and eager to go back in the cage. He seems healthy otherwise (the boys were sad after Pee Wee died and just hung out in their box except to eat for about a week, but they're back to normal now). In the worst case scenario, it's a tumor that would need to be removed by a vet. The thing is, he's a little older than two years old, so he's old, and he could probably function fine without surgery for the rest of his life (he'd be extremely lucky to make it past two and a half). So I guess I'll have to see what happens with that.

I had dinner at my dad's yesterday and made pasta primavera. It's kind of funny how "come over for dinner" means "come over and you can make me dinner," but I don't mind, I like cooking and have been turning into a real Food Network junkie. Also, it's hard to assemble a dresser when a small dog is trying to deflower your limbs. Look, I'm flattered, and I think you're cute, but not in THAT way. Sorry, pup. Ah well - at least it wasn't a large boxer who probably outweighs me this time. I'm glad cats don't hump people. But then, all mine have had their naughty bits removed.

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