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I had a dream last night that one of my friends was pregnant (this was a good thing), and everyone was happy about that. There were some scenes involving me trying to get ready for high school, with my friend waiting, and missing the bus (ahhhh, one of THOSE dreams again) but realizing I had a car and could just drive. Then the time came to have the baby. For some reason, I was there in the delivery room, probably knitting or something, and details were a bit fuzzy other than I was there and the baby was born. Then the dream turned really cartoon-like and crazy. These demon creatures (who looked kind of like pokemon gone horribly wrong) were invading the hospital, which was also an elementary school for some reason. These heroes (maybe they were kids, I don't remember who they were or what they were doing) were fighting the demons and decided to trap them, so one pounded on the floor with something, and a giant abyss opened up. The demons fell into it, and I almost did too, but someone pulled me out. Then there was this cutaway scene of the demons sitting in this room with vending machines. The phone rang, and it was their boss telling them where to go, so maybe they were going to escape. Back at the hospital, I found out my friend had died, but the baby was all right. Only this ginormous lady was after the baby, and a ginormous nurse and I were trying to save it. The nurse picked up the baby, and the evil lady ninja-kicked her into another dimension, but the nurse said she was happy because she now had a baby to raise.

It didn't occur to me until after I woke up that the baby's father didn't appear in the dream at all, and he probably would have liked to keep his baby, especially since the mother had died. Where did he go? Did he get stuck in traffic? And now, of course, I'm wondering if this friend is suddenly going to announce she's pregnant, and I'll start freaking out that she's going to die and demons will attack the hospital, and the baby's daddy won't be there for whatever reason. *shrugs*

I also had a dream that resembled a Bollywood movie. This young woman was married to this kind of creepy guy who kept following her around, and she wanted to leave the country and get away from him. I was helping her out, only I was also trying to hide from the evil guy. So when we were getting ready to leave, the woman was in her bedroom, packing or something. The guy was coming in, so I hid under the bed and waited for him to leave. He kept going away and coming right back, and whenever he was there, I had to breathe really quietly so he wouldn't hear me. I think the woman finally managed to escape, though. I also dreamed that I found an airline cell phone among my stuff, and I had apparently had it for quite a while. I tried to turn it off, but it suddenly started making all these transmissions, and I couldn't shut it off and worried that they were going to track it down and I'd get in trouble.

Weird, weird dreams.

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