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I love Paula Deen. She cracks me up.

I actually have weekend plans for once! Woooooo! Tomorrow I'm having Indian food with Science Fiction Greg Nick, and then we're going to PARSEC and whatever they're doing afterwards. And on Sunday, I'm going to Meadville to poke people. So if you're up there over fall break and have nothing better to do, you should come let me poke you. Please? Y'all look like you need a good poking.

I just said y'all. I blame Paula Deen. I think I want to marry everyone on the food network, and we can all be one crazy happy ridiculous polygamist family. Except that one lady who's a little too perky and girly and stuff. But everyone else! Jeez, could you imagine what the wedding would be like? That would be the craziest, hugest, most illegal wedding ever. But the food would be amazing.

I took Katie and her friend to the mall today, and since today was a very special day in the literary world, I wandered over to B&N on a quest for the final book in the Series of Unfortunate Events. I had been debating with myself whether to just buy the book or wait and get the boxed set so I can have all of them (I borrowed the previous books from Katie). I finally decided, "Screw it, I've been waiting for months, today is the day, and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BAUDELAIRE ORPHANS, DAMMIT (Janet)!" Will they dip Count Olaf in a vat of boiling oil? Will Violet and Quigley meet again and pledge their eternal teenage love for each other? Will Esme wear something "out?" Will Carmelita sniff cake? I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!!

Hi, I'm Ade, and I have issues. And I have 5 billion things to do this weekend, so the book will have to squeeze itself in when there's time, say between 3 and 4 am. *shrugs*

I'm such a geek. Good night.

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