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Quote of the day:
"Nobody taught me how to comma!"
- Katie
(This inspired me to invent the punctuation dance.)

So I went to a raging party tonight. And by "raging party," I mean a Longaberger basket party with my mom, neighbor, and her friend. Boy, I really am getting old. We ordered some neat pie dishes though. Mmm, pie. We went to Eat'n'Park first, and not only did I get MSG'ed, my tics decided to really start acting up at the table for some reason. I mean, I only have a mild case, but it got to the point where I literally could not sit still and could barely hold my fork. I managed to control it fairly well since we were in public and I didn't want my mom to notice (or she'd drag me to the neurologist again, they'd do a bunch of tests, and pronounce me in decent shape). Well, my stomach feels better now, and I'm back to my usual level of twitching. Oh, and while we were there, Bonnie (my Jewish neighbor) asked me if I wanted her bacon and sausage. I told her she should put some cheese and sour cream on them. And bees! Ah, vegetarian/kosher jokes. Fun for the whole neighborhood.

So Katie tells me Jesse is coming home on the bus with her tomorrow afternoon. What to wear, what to wear? Should I go for the habit? Or the loud, flowery muumuu? Maybe go in drag with the cucumber in the pants? Or just stick with the classic "sorry I missed church, I was busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian" t-shirt? In any case, if I don't win the "worst sister in the world" award, I will be quite distraught.

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