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For those of you who were curious about my 1337 skills in the last post, that's a screenshot of my Runescape skills. And yes, my attack, strength, defense, hitpoints, fishing, and cooking are all at 69. But my skills are no longer 1337, as last night I leveled in fletching (62), so now my skills are 1338. Leeate? Gosh, I'm a geek. But once I level up all my melee combat skills to 70, I'll be level 86 combat. Woot. Oddly enough, my highest skills are woodcutting and firemaking, which means I'm especially good at deforestation and pyromania. Muhahahahahahaaaaaa.

If you're curious about playing Runescape, I will warn you that, like many MMORPGs and other games, this one is addicting. Two years ago, my neighbor Daragh showed it to me, and it joined the long list of my video game addictions. So you have your warning. But if you do join, my username is Agentfroot, so you can friend me or something.
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